Sunday, June 29, 2008

Custom Validation on Typed DataTable

Demonstrates how to customize the Typed DataTable of Typed DataSet to create custom Business Rule, and then how to implement this Validation on User Interface (in a Grid View or in a Detail View).

Working Details:
How to add Column/Row Validation Using Typed DataTable

Beth Massi's video tutorial:
How do I: Add Validation?
Note that video contains a minor exception, but will give the idea.

Level: Intermediate

Knowledge Required:
To understand this project you should know,
  • How to add Typed DataSet
  • How to bind controls with Typed DataSet
  • What is Partial Class
Controls Used:
  • BindingNavigator
  • DataGridView
  • TextBox
  • Label
  • Button
Components Used:
  • ErrorProvider
  • Typed DataSet
  • BindingSource
Things you will learn:
  • How to put Validation Rule in Typed DataTable using Partial Class
  • How to Implement ErrorProvider Component

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